Afstudeerproject: Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots is the new residential environment in the city of Tilburg. It is a reincarnation of Pieter van Dooren’s lost textile factory, with a focus on living, history and social interaction. This new living environment has been developed for the young and the aged. I have decided to create a diversity in living typologies to match the mix of target groups and quality of life. These living typologies occupy smaller living areas and have a strong connection with shared facilities. In this new living environment, the focus is on sharing facilities, which creates more social interaction between residents and users. The residential program is enclosed by the historic character of the area. The lost textile factory of Pieter van Dooren is a lost icon for the textile history of Tilburg. The strong textile history gives the city an identity, which I would like to give back to the inhabitants of Tilburg.